Buckeye Honors Program

Buckeye Honors


Buckeye International, Inc. is a cleaning and maintenance product manufacturer committed to providing the most innovative, high performance products that promote human health and safety. For their schools and universities market, they wanted to do something no one else in the industry was doing – take their training program online (take that, industry competitors).

Buckeye required a branding identity specifically for the Honors Program. Since this program is intended for schools and universities, our approach revolved around education. We chose symbolism (and a color palette) that evokes knowledge and wisdom.

Buckeye wanted a comprehensive program website featuring training videos and materials for their customers (but not littered with so much information it would be difficult to navigate). The website is secure and centers on simplicity. Once logged in, customers are able to view Honors training videos by segment, take training tests, and download training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, wall charts, and product literature. Additionally, we added a test reporting feature for supervisors to view (and export) all trainee test scores. Supervisors are able to log in and create their own student accounts and, when students log in and take tests, the account admin will receive an email each time they complete a test (those who do not ace the tests will likely be in trouble).